07/07/14 Please find help for unit 3C here.

5/6/14 Exam revision

- Please click this link for topics that you need to revise for the exam.

- Please click these links to go to the BBC Bitesize pages to help you to revise.

Please click this link for a past paper so you can practise questions.
Please click this link for revision sheets for chemistry.
Please click this link for physics questions. Answers are linked here.

Good luck and good revising!

Question 1 picture

Question 2 picture

Question 3 picture

03/04/14 Please complete the electricity table. Due 24/4/14.


Homework. FIll in the sheet (link here) with full sentences.

04/11/13 Homework - search definitions of the following words and bring them to Thursday's lesson.

Thermal conductivity




Electrical conductivity

Melting point

Boiling point


21/10/13 Homework - past paper question


Your homework this week - finish the electromagnetic spectrum table.

Here is an electronic version of the table.

Below are some websites to help you.




It is due on Monday 21/10/13


Your homework this week - revise for a test on Monday.

Use this document for the list of topics.

Use bbc bitesize to help you revise



26/09/13 homework - it's an assessment and it's due on Monday 30/09/13

Design an a) advert or b) instruction leaflet for someone buying a telescope
Identify =  Grade G – draw and label
Describe = Grade E/F – describe its structure and how the light travels through it
Explain = Grade C/D – explain in terms of reflection and refraction
Analyze = Grade B – compare to another kind of telescope
Link = Grade A – link to another area of science
help sheet for diagram click here


190913 Your homework this week is to mark two samples from a controlled assessment. Click here for the worksheet. It's due Monday.
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