The mark scheme for the biology mock. Happy revising :) 

5BI1F_01_June 2014 mark scheme (2).pdf 5BI1F_01_June 2014 mark scheme (2).pdf
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Type : pdf

Here is an Electromagnetic waves booklet. It tells you all about the different types of waves. It will help as revision for the test on Friday.

em stations.doc em stations.doc
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Homework (Due in Tues 24th Feb)

Drugs project

Please note, when researching response time, a drug that speeds up your reaction makes you have a lower reaction time. E.g by reacting faster it takes you less time to react. Really common thing that confuses people :)

Drugs Homework project.docx Drugs Homework project.docx
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Below is an attached Drugs summary sheet that I have made to help add to your revision notes,incase you missed anything out.

Drugs summary sheet.docx Drugs summary sheet.docx
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Useful inks for the homework

Revision sessions (Monday and Wednesday)

You are expected to print the notes out for each revision session and complete them in the after school intervention.

Tip...Keep all of your revision in one place, one file or one book. Keep the questions you do with it as well. This will make things easier when you go back to look at all of your notes again.

Happy revising :)

Wednesday 11th February

Topic = Materials of the earth

Materials of the Earth F.rtf Materials of the Earth F.rtf
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Type : rtf

Monday 23rd February

Topic= Sea and Earth's atmosphere

The Earth Sea and Atmosphere F.rtf The Earth Sea and Atmosphere F.rtf
Size : 874.338 Kb
Type : rtf

Wednesday 25th February

Topic= Plant hormones and insulin

Plant hormone and Insulin F (1).rtf Plant hormone and Insulin F (1).rtf
Size : 2803.558 Kb
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Cheat sheets and revision summary's.

Use these to aid your revision but they are summaries of topics so you will need more information than this to secure your GCSE Grade, so also use your revision book.


B1 cheat sheet (information)

B1 topic 1 summary mat

B1 cheat sheet topic 2

B1 topic 2 summary mat

B1 cheat sheet topic 3

B1 topic 3 summary mat




C1 cheat sheet

C1 Topic 1 summary mat

C1 Topic 2 summary mat

C1 Topic 3 summary mat

C1 Topic 4 summary mat

C1 Topic 5 summary mat



P1 cheat sheet

P1 Topic 1 summary mat

P1 Topic 2 summary mat

P1 Topic 3 summary mat

P1 Topic 4 summary mat

P1 Topic 5 and 6 summary mat

The link below is the GCSE specification. It has got all the points that you need to know. You can use this as a guide to making sure you have revised everything you need to.

You can use it like a check list for your revision.

The GCSE specification